Royal Knight Productions is a feature film, television and music video production company located in California.

Since its inception in 1986 the company has written and produced thirty -five motion pictures for national and international theatrical and video release.

Some of these productions include the dramas, “Losing Grace” starring Ryan Browning, Matt Farnsworth, Ronny Cox and Lesley Ann Warren, and “Hindsight” wih Ken Steadman, john Phillip Law and and Robert Forster. The action picture “Terror In Beverly Hills” co-sarring Frank Stallone and Cameron Mitchell; the cult favorite “Frightmare,” and the comedy “Nudity Required” with Pamela Bach, Troy Donahue and Julie Newmar.

Currently the company is in pre-production of Charlie’s Brats, a story of three orphan girls who use a magical medallion to find their best friend. The project is currently presented on Kickstarter.

Royal Knight is also collaborating with the Norwegian Film Commission with the permission of the Royal Crown for the epic saga, “Inga of Varteig.” The film is based on the true story of a young maiden who secretly bears the heir to the eleventh century war torn throne of Norway. the feature is slated to begin filming in Norway later this year. Television programming includes 2NT2-TV, a new international world music magazine-formatted show, which will debut via satellite in the near future.

The film is dedicated to producing quality entertainment that is fun for audiences of all ages. Genres include comedy, drama, adventure, horror, action, love stories and historical epics, as well as celebrity and music driven television shows.