Inga of Varteig

“INGA of VARTEIG” is a bold blend of love, passion and mythology as it paints the true story of Inga, an uncompromising, heroic young woman, who fights for truth and honor to protect her son from those who seek to kill him.
 Born of peasant parents during the mythically rich times of medieval Norway, young Inga from Varteig has little hope of a promising future until she indulges in a forbidden love affair and alliance with the King. Inga’s father vehemently opposes the King’s controversial political position and supports the Bishops who engage in brutal battles to convert the Scandinavian countries to Christianity.
Although besotted with Inga, the King must leave her to finish his political tour. Inga’s despair is quelled by the King’s promise that he will return for her and make her his Queen. Tragically, the King is soon senselessly poisoned by his wicked stepmother and dies before he learns that Inga is pregnant with his child. Upon learning of her beloved’s death, Inga’s sorrow is overshadowed by her resolve to raise her son in secret, the only true heir to Norway’s throne. When it is time for her son to rule, Inga holds the future of Northern Europe in her hands when she must endure the dreaded ordeal by fire to prove his lineage.
”INGA of VARTEIG” is a captivating real-life story of one of history’s greatest women compellingly told through the timeless truths of mythology.

Written by – Keith Holland, Roy Sartipi & Ron Lavery

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