California Fever
California Feaver 2

California Fever

This romantic comedy begins in New York City with a young professional writer “Michael” struggling to make a comeback, but his relationship to a beautiful self-centered fashion model drives him away from what he loves most. With the advice of his boss, he decides to try San Diego, California and finally finishes his novel. The events that follows create an hilarious landscape of events that will bring the audience to the floor with laughter and at the same time caresses them with romance.
To satisfy his mother’s request, he contacts his half-brother Tommy who he has never met, but she spoke through out Michael’s life of Tommy’s success. Despite what’s believed Michael is soon to discover Tommy’s true profession is a shyster and a con artist. This union quickly takes a colossal twist and Michael’s idea of a peaceful work environment turns into an action packed comedy. While Mike struggles to balance his work and his relationship with his brother he suddenly meets the beautiful and intriguing Mary Ann who tips his scales abruptly towards love and romance. This provides a hilarious juggling act of slapstick comedy and heart-warming romance that will satisfy any audience.

Written by – Roy Sartipi

California Fever

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