A story of friendship, dedication and love. The sacrifices of five friends who jeopardize their lives to search for the man responsible for a senseless murder of their best friend “Joe Malone.”
Joe Malone has finally asked for the hand of his childhood sweetheart Susan Demario. On the night of their wedding, this happy occasion is suddenly interrupted when Joe is ruthlessly gunned down in cold blood. In the light of uncertainty and wonder they demonstrate immeasurable strength as they muster their last ounce of courage to avenge Joe’s murder. Politics, greed and deception are the root of this evil and the tragic losses of lives continue. This suspenseful murder mystery unravels with intense action, but is set to stage the performance of an elegant ballet, by the female lead character “Crystal,” translating the action into dance with abstract choreography creating an action thriller with suspense, magic, and emotion.

Written by – Roy Sartipi


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  • Inga of Varteig

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    After The Silence