After The Silence

After The Silence

In the year 2222 the world’s economic downfall wars and struggles for power forces the world into a universal government. This political structure consists of a committee of twelve men, who conduct their manipulation from a maximum-security island based off the coast of New York.
Order is maintained under full police state with rigidly enforced curfews, censorship of every form, and complete control of all media. The committee has become the omnipotent force of everyone and everything and it is forbidden and illegal to speak out against any committee policies. Any revolutionary action seems impossible until one man opens his eyes to reality. David Ross is a 39 year old scientist and engineer, committed to developing a radically progressive mind altering formula. David is convinced the formula will be used to advance the biomedical industry, but he discovers the committee’s covert intentions and soon fears the lives of all and himself. Realizing that he is the only engineer still alive, that developed the non-penetrable security system on the committee’s Pease Island, it becomes obvious to David what he must do. He must fulfill the role of a historical hero and play his role of his predestined purpose in life.

Written by – Roy Sartipi

After The Silence

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