Charlie’s Brats

This is a story of three orphan girls, Kimberly Marshal, Lena Lee and Penny Love who team up to rescue “Charlie” creating one of the funniest and most action packed teen’s stories ever.
The story begins at the Nightingale orphanage run by a 27-year-old young woman named Charlie. On Charlie’s birthday the children raise enough money to buy her an old medallion known as “The secrets of Life” from a thrift shop. Unaware of the Medallion’s sacred past and the powers it holds, the children present the medallion to Charlie who proudly displays it on her bedroom wall among a few of her other treasured belongings. Not until Charlie disappears, the teens finally discover the medallion’s value and the reason why Charlie was kidnapped.
For centuries fortune hunters have been hunting for what was once know to be a myth with magical powers. The kidnapping of Charlie leads to an action packed daring rescue, masterminded by our teenage orphan girls who take you on an action filled roller coaster of emotion and thrill.

Written by – Roy Sartipi

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