Magic Man

Magic Man

The story begins with “Venus” a beautiful young singer from London whose career is on the verge of collapsing and going nowhere, with the suggestion of her best friend and manager she decides to take a trip to Atlanta for one last shot at stardom. While in Atlanta she meets “Diamond” a hip hop artist with a very messy personal life but a legend on the streets of the dirty south.

Diamond is a great hip-hop artist but he refuses to let record companies rip him off, he does things his own way and no one can tell him what to do. This attitude causes a lot of trouble between Diamond and “Sugar T”, (the boss of a very famous record company), who has been struggling to sign Diamond With her company, but Diamond continuously refuses and claims that he will make it on his own.

Venus is not having much luck with her music as one record company after another is turning her down. It’s not until she teams up with Diamond that her music begins to blossom.

In spite of Venus’ objection, Diamond is hired to produce Venus’ first Album and this starts the beginning of a relationship that will change their lives forever.

The more Diamond and Venus are with each other the closer they become, but it’s not easy, they have so many obstacles to overcome and the biggest one of all is the record company boss, Sugar T, who relentlessly peruses Diamond and will not stop at anything until she gets him to sign with her company.

This struggle finally explodes into a vicious and bloody confrontation which ends tragically soon Diamond finds himself at a crossroad in his life and must decide between love and revenge.
“Magic Man” is a powerful story of love and dedication that is inspired by the famous and well received movie, “Moulin Rouge” but with the flare of the Hip Hop, R&B and the old school music that sends a strong positive message to our young audience.

Writer & Director – Leslie Small
Producers – Roy Sartipi & Ron Lavery
Music Composition & Arrangement – The Legendary Delphonics & The Chi-lites

Magic Man

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