• charliesbrats_4

    Charlie’s Brats

    This is a story of three orphan girls, Kimberly Marshal, Lena Lee and Penny Love who team up to rescue “Charlie” creating one of the funniest and most action packed teen’s stories ever. The story …

  • Inga of Varteig

    “INGA of VARTEIG” is a bold blend of love, passion and mythology as it paints the true story of Inga, an uncompromising, heroic young woman, who fights for truth and honor to protect her son …

  • California Feaver 2

    California Fever

    This romantic comedy begins in New York City with a young professional writer “Michael” struggling to make a comeback, but his relationship to a beautiful self-centered fashion model drives him away from what he loves …

  • bloodstain_1


    A story of friendship, dedication and love. The sacrifices of five friends who jeopardize their lives to search for the man responsible for a senseless murder of their best friend “Joe Malone.”
Joe Malone has finally …

  • afterthesilence_1

    After The Silence

    In the year 2222 the world’s economic downfall wars and struggles for power forces the world into a universal government. This political structure consists of a committee of twelve men, who conduct their manipulation from …

  • celcilia_1


    This murder mystery begins with a multi million-dollar entrepreneur and his family set in the lap of the 21st century San Diego, California. But tragedy strikes his wife Catherina who is killed in an automobile …

  • magicman_2

    Magic Man

    The story begins with “Venus” a beautiful young singer from London whose career is on the verge of collapsing and going nowhere, with the suggestion of her best friend and manager she decides to take …

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